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Hamutaro - Hamtaro 3


based off of this


The first thing Hanji notices when she wakes up is the person standing at the foot of the couch. He’s blurry (does he have two heads?), but she can barely make out the frown on his face.

"What the fuck are you doing on my couch?" he asks, voice gruff and uncaring. It…






imagine after all the titans are killed and they demolish the walls so everyone can live outside now but they leave one big section up and it takes years, but they compile all the names of the dead and put up plaques. and levi’s squad is all together along with erwin and mike and mobilt and probably hanji’s squad. hanji and levi go there every day and put flowers next to names they know 

spinturnix said: Hanji - exhausted


Thanks a ton for the prompt! Here’s 100 words in exchange. I hope you like it! :3

Hanji plops onto the couch with a loud sigh, propping her feet up on the little footstool she had Mike make for her weeks ago. She rings the little bell she made herself, stretching luxuriously as she does so.

A grumpier-than-usual Levi glares around the corner.

"I won fair and square, Levi! 10 Titan kills, in 15 minutes. Now rub my feet, and don’t be a sore loser."

She falls asleep, snoring and drooling unattractively, minutes later.

Levi just sighs, shakes his head, and reminds himself to stop making bets with Hanji that will just make her even more unbearable.

[Because I totally see Hanji doing this]


I’d like to think Hanji is the kind of friend who, upon discovering that Levi is dying, would kneel before him, hold his hand, and tell him how good he fought today, or how brave he was when he fought. She would never cry in front of him. Instead she would smile, pat him on the cheek, and tell him he’s wonderful as always — the strongest and fastest soldier out there. No dramatic good-bye speeches, just praise and a thank you, because she knows if somebody deserves it, its fucking Levi.