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Heehee It's ryux_x! Hi guys<3 I'm just an anime-obsessed freak...even though there's mostly kpop reblogged xD weird LOLOLOL I do still like Kpop though ahahahaha ^o^;;;; I'm cool :P *waves*

Hamutaro - Hamtaro 3

maplecat89 said: lol i just realised that i didnt follow you all this while silly me sorry ;p

ahahhahaha TY ^o^ <3 


thing: high school au

pairing: levihan

School wasn’t a place of boredom as of this year. Hanji got along with most of her classmates, surprisingly, even if most of them could be the worst jerks ever, refusing to call her by her first name or shoving her around and kicking her in a playful…

Anonymous said: Levi and Hangi have you ever been jealous of someone else taking away Levi/Hangi away from you? Please tell a story!:D





"No one has physically taken either of us away but Levi actually gets quite jealous and easily. Whether I’m talking to Moblit or even the commander, he always watches us and constantly interrupts. It’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but i can barely get two seconds in a conversation with Moblit before he ‘has’ to step in."


Something like reincarnation added after story of SNK’s ending would be good… I’m trying to cope with the probability of some tragic happening in SNK in the future. Actually, making this makes me cry every time I try to think that something bad will happen to Levi and Hanji.

This ship is the one I have the most feels for. This is the first time I tried making a fanart for the characters I like.

But I can always dream, right?

- Forgive me for this messy art of mine. Me and the mouse just won’t agree. But I tried my best. And if there’s a wrong on the grammar, please also excuse me for that. It’s not my first language.


sorry i’m lame at titles
but i believe levihan babies must rule the world 


sorry i’m lame at titles

but i believe levihan babies must rule the world 


After I saw the last episode of Nagi no Asukara, I really wanted to draw Hanji in Umigami-sama’s clothes for some reason. Not that it’s very good through…ahahaha…. σ(^_^;)




Attack On Blue’s CluesThe Faith of Humanity is in Levi and Blue’s hands.


Attack On Blue’s Clues

The Faith of Humanity is in Levi and Blue’s hands.


au where everything is levihan

literally everything

u see that cute picture of a cat

BAM its actually levihan


Walking down the hallway, Hanji kept an even stride as she navigated around a few soldiers, making her way to Levi’s room. With each step, she could feel her chest grow a little tighter, and mind wandered as she began to think of him. As she approached her destination, she paused at the closed door, letting out a slight sigh.

'Well, here goes nothing.' She thought, readjusting herself slightly as she knocked on the door. “Levi….May I come in?”


Lmao. I am convinced they are holding hands. JK they are probably 99% not haha.



Anonymous said: So .....Levi how does It feel to be humanity's strongest and to be shorter then Hangi?



"… Watch yourself Anon, or are you forgetting that I am ‘humanities strongest’ as well?. However, to answer your question.. it doesnt ‘feel’ any different than if she was shorter than me. Her and her shitty glasses are mine and mine alone, no matter the height difference and i suggest you remember that.."